Fat Burning Tips – The Best Way To Use Caffiene


Not only is it a performance enhancer, bit it also accelerates the rate at which fat is broken down within the body, which will help you burn a higher percentage of calories from fat during exercise. If your body draws on fat stores rather than glucose while you’re working out, your glucose levels remain stable, which in turn means you feel less hungry.

Don’t just head down to the local Starbucks, however; when it comes to caffiene, you must take the right kind, in the right amount, at the right time, with the right blend of complementary supplements. Caffeine in coffee form is ineffective for FAT BURNING; the other ingredients in coffee interfere with its performance enchancing efforts.


The most effective form of caffeine for weight loss is an herb called guarana. Guarana is a tropical plant found in the Amazon jungle, where native inhabitants have used it for hundreds of years. Guarana contains a compound nearly identical to caffeine. Unlike caffeine, which produces an energy surge with a sudden rush and quick drop-off, guarana is not readily water-soluble and therefore is not too quickly absorbed. Gurana’s caffiene is released much more slowly, over a period of hours, producing an energy boost that continues to escalate gradually. You may also find caffeine in weight loss supplemtns in the form of guta kola or kola nut but guarana is ideal.


It is most effective combined with white willow bark. The combination synergystically elevates energy expenditure (calorie burning) by interfering with prostaglandin production and inhibiting nor- epinephrine breakdown. The best way to exploit caffiene for weight loss is to ingest 5 mg of guarana per kg of body weight 40 minutes prior to exercise. (5 x 55= about 275 mg)

Look for a supplement that combines guarana and white willow bark (natural aspirin.)

Salix-alba (white willow) contain salicin, which the body converts into salicylic acid which has the same effect as aspirin, without any adverse reactions.

When combined with guarana seed, and CITRUS aurantium, white willow increases the bodys abilitiy to utilize fatty acids while preserving lean muscle tissue.

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