Oh Congo: Riots Page 2 (Work in Progress – No Text)

I love this artist! Look at all these fun bunnies! 🙂

Oh Congo

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Losing Weight With An Injury

Losing weight is hard enough on it's own. Cut out all your favorite junk food, eat out less, go to fewer happy hours, and choose egg white scrambles over the french toast. Stop snacking all the time. Reduce your sodium intake. Eat fewer carbs. It's hard. I know. I'm doing it. When you choose to… Continue reading Losing Weight With An Injury


Finding a Life as a Full Time Personal Trainer

  Hello Washington, DC I have landed my dream job.  I will help people become fit, healthy, and happy each hour of the day. I will perform fun training sessions as I live in a city full of spark. Somehow I will find a way to discover peace, sanity, happy hours, and brunches. A personal training… Continue reading Finding a Life as a Full Time Personal Trainer

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Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress Breakdown

Thrive Stress 101 Bad Stress creates a physiological response in our bodies that makes us tired, irritable, fat, and weak. More than half of the stress we experience is bad stress. When you say that your stress is killing you, you are right. It is weakening your nervous system, organs, mind, and bones. It's terrible, and we… Continue reading Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress Breakdown

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Health is a Journey, Not a Destination

Making A Lifestyle You think it's a diet. You think it's a cleanse. You think it's not eating carbs. You think wrong. Health is a lifestyle. It's a complete way of living. Health is from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and the hours in between. It's a 24/7 practice.… Continue reading Health is a Journey, Not a Destination