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Chia Jam & A Mini Meatball Sandwich

I made up a tiny snack/meal last night and was so impressed with the look and taste, I had to capture and share it. This mini-meatless-meatball sandwich is full of protein, on sprouted toast, easy to make, and delicious. Below you see my process of making Chia Jam. It's a simple and easy recipe (Difficult… Continue reading Chia Jam & A Mini Meatball Sandwich


Thriving Forward In The Kitchen

Clean Food from a Non-Chef, Non-Photographer I've always wanted to try zucchini pasta. I finally dished out the surprisingly low amount for one of these. You can see the awesome veggie-pasta maker above. The Thrive Forward program been reminding me to eat more raw, fresh foods. It has inspired me to use my Vitamix daily,… Continue reading Thriving Forward In The Kitchen

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3-Ingredient Protein Hot Cocoa

First of all I want to say, whenever I see a recipe that has less than 5 ingredients, I click on it. No matter what they are, I'm like, "Only 3!?! I can do that!" I'm no chef by any standard. I hardly measure anything  and I truly suck at baking 95% of the time.… Continue reading 3-Ingredient Protein Hot Cocoa

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Clean Eating: Good Fats and Carbs

I woke up to this beautiful display this morning: I was inspired to make my own trail mix after seeing an easy how-to chart on Thrive Forward. The Maca and Cacao powder are for my super smoothies and other recipes (which I will feature here later) but the berries and savi-seeds were going in the… Continue reading Clean Eating: Good Fats and Carbs

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Thriving Forward: Eating Clean with More Kale

    It has taken me a while to come around to Kale. I've had some experience with Kale in the past few years, but never dared to make it myself. And when I tried, I usually failed and had to pretend it was great. The best recipe I made with Kale (before this salad)… Continue reading Thriving Forward: Eating Clean with More Kale

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Thrive Forward Program

I want to help you in every way possible. Something great has come along that is assisting me and I want to spread the joy. Brendan Brazier has launched a fully FREE, educational, video series to teach you everything you need to know on leading a healthy plant-based whole-foods diet. It reminds me of taking… Continue reading Thrive Forward Program


Easy Overnight Homemade Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is all the craze right now. It's less calories, more protein, and thicker. It's easy to sub into recipes to make them have less fat and sugar. And best of all, you can make it at home with my cheap and easy solution. All You Need  1 Container Regular Yogurt (I use soy… Continue reading Easy Overnight Homemade Greek Yogurt


FREE: Fight the Holiday Bulge Recipe Booklet

I've put together a PDF booklet of my favorite holiday recipes. They are healthy, easy, and great to bring to all your family gatherings this season. I'm giving it away free, but worked very hard on this! If you can, please Donate so I can continue bringing you free advice, recipes, and daily tips. If… Continue reading FREE: Fight the Holiday Bulge Recipe Booklet

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Simple Fridge Tips For Weight Loss

Make Your Fridge A Salad Bar  By making your fridge look like a healthy salad bar, each meal you make will be quick and easy. Imagine turning your food into a subway, but only the part where the vegetables are. Forget the processed meats, breads, and cheeses. Those are gross and bad for you! Prioritize… Continue reading Simple Fridge Tips For Weight Loss

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Simple Steps to Fight Holiday Bulge

Holidays: A time to see family you never see and enjoy a buffet of homemade food that took "blood, sweat, and tears" to make. After sitting down for 2 hours and feasting, you feel like you're going to explode and fall asleep at the same time. This isn't healthy, to say the least.You figure you'll… Continue reading Simple Steps to Fight Holiday Bulge