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A Relationship with Food

A relationship with food is similar to all other relationships you encounter in daily life, such as with a friend, spouse, or business partner. These take time, preparation, planning, dedication, comittment, care, thought, and more. You have to schedule time and activities to maintain these relationships and to keep them healthy. Your relationship with food should align… Continue reading A Relationship with Food


Get NixFit in 4 Weeks!

 I am so excited to share with you my new plan to lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks! The plan includes all you need to succeed at losing the weight that is holding you back. I have personally designed 3 Strength HIIT workouts, as well as 3 cardio sessions that will kick… Continue reading Get NixFit in 4 Weeks!


It’s Not About Winning…But That Doesn’t Hurt

I've officially joined hands with Erik Strouse to change lives, create healthy habits, and help people lose weight over the next 8 weeks. It's the Vida Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, and I'm ready to WIN. But that's not why I'm so excited today... I'm truly passionate about training. The fire inside me is incited when… Continue reading It’s Not About Winning…But That Doesn’t Hurt


Staying Fit During the Holiday Blitz

Tis' the season for skipping workouts, splurging on decadent dishes, and sitting around drinking hot cocoa. Most of the time this means an expanding waist line and a larger number on the scale. All does not need to be lost during the holidays! Plan For Success  The best way to avoid gaining weight in the… Continue reading Staying Fit During the Holiday Blitz