Kevita Drinks Product Review + Giveaway

What is Kevita?┬áKevita is a probiotic, functional drink that promotes health and energy. It is handcrafted by a winemaker and holistic health consultant in Southern California. The company has a whole family of delicious flavors, including a new Lemon-Cayenne Daily Cleanse and Mojita. How is it healthy?┬áProbiotics are the "good bugs" in your body that… Continue reading Kevita Drinks Product Review + Giveaway

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How To Have A Good-Health Day

Start with alkaline. First things first. Drink some water. Not just plain water, but a water that will alkalize your body, readying it for nutrients. Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water, warmed if possible. Add an herbal tea bag or some dried Goji berries to go the extra flavor… Continue reading How To Have A Good-Health Day