Finding a Life as a Full Time Personal Trainer

  Hello Washington, DC I have landed my dream job.  I will help people become fit, healthy, and happy each hour of the day. I will perform fun training sessions as I live in a city full of spark. Somehow I will find a way to discover peace, sanity, happy hours, and brunches. A personal training… Continue reading Finding a Life as a Full Time Personal Trainer


Building Your Own Rome

As a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, I have to deal with a lot of set backs. We're human. We fail. We get back up and try again. This post is about going for your ultimate goal and not letting anything stand in your way. You need to build your Rome, no matter what bridges… Continue reading Building Your Own Rome


Thrive Forward With Fitness: Total Body Workout

Free Workouts At Home or At The Gym Do you want to work out but don't have a clue where to start? So many people want to be healthy but don't know how. Here is a free hint.  I've made up a home workout session and gym session, to fit all levels and needs. If this is… Continue reading Thrive Forward With Fitness: Total Body Workout

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How To Have A Good-Health Day

Start with alkaline. First things first. Drink some water. Not just plain water, but a water that will alkalize your body, readying it for nutrients. Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water, warmed if possible. Add an herbal tea bag or some dried Goji berries to go the extra flavor… Continue reading How To Have A Good-Health Day


Inspirational Quotes to Make You think

Here are some quotes that made me think about weightloss. They can be generalized for any situation in life, but they sparked my thoughts about you. They're from A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel. (I haven't finished the book yet, but was inspired to share this with you.) More posts to come! Did you have… Continue reading Inspirational Quotes to Make You think


Make Sustainable Resolutions

When making your resolutions this year, don't focus on 30 day weight loss programs, limited-time only classes, or restricting yourself 100% from one thing or another. Don't just focus on January; focus on the entire year.  Make short term goals of 30 days, medium goals of 90 days, and long term goals for year's end.… Continue reading Make Sustainable Resolutions